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Understanding Aviator Game: Rules and Process

To get acquainted with the Aviator game's mechanics and commence betting, read through the rules explained below.

At the onset of each round, a plane ascends into the sky. With every takeoff, your bet is multiplied by an escalating factor, reaching up to 10, 20, 30, or more.

However, it's crucial to withdraw your bet before the plane exits the game screen. If the plane departs, and you fail to withdraw in time, your bet, adjusted for the odds when the plane left the screen, will be deducted from your account. Successfully withdrawing your bet on time earns you a prize based on the value at the moment of withdrawal.

Aviator operates as a slot machine but with innovative features. Classified as an "explosive" game, it, along with similar attractions, incorporates the concept of cashing out from sports betting.

While cash-out is commonly associated with live sports betting, allowing you to finalize a bet and retain the odds before the event concludes, Aviator Game seamlessly blends this feature with the advantages of traditional slots in a virtual setting.

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