Aviator online gambling game — overview of a slot machine with big winnings

Aviator online game is a popular gambling game available in casinos. The gameplay is simple, even a beginner can figure out how to play this game. This is a fair game, that’s why Aviator has no secrets — this is what the users appreciate it for. Here’s an honest overview of Aviator game. You can win playing this game if you use a winning strategy properly.

Aviator developer & development history

Aviator game is Spribe’s product. This virtual gambling game is recognized as a successful and popular project. The company promotes it all over the world. Today, most popular gambling platforms offer Aviator game. You can play the game for free without signing up or play for money on an official website of a virtual casino.


Aviator’s gameplay is rather simple yet original at the same time. Player space looks like an airport with a plane getting ready to take off. When it’s taking off, you can see the odds on the screen. You goal is to get your winning timely. Some time later after the takeoff, the plane explodes in the sky. The higher the plane is in the air, the more money Aviator player will get if they play for money.

Benefits and drawbacks of Aviator game

This game has benefits and drawbacks, but it constantly gains popularity. People from all over the word play Aviator online.

- User-friendly interface;
- Easy-to-understand gameplay;
- High RTP;
- Demo version.
- No easter eggs or bonus rounds: Aviator keeps no secrets, everything is fair

Two unique features of Aviator game

Even though Aviator has no extra bonus features, it has other two features which are no less useful and are worth trying. The features aren’t complex, but they open up the potential for winning and even winning big. That’s why it makes sense to get acquainted with the following two features:

  • autoplay;
  • statistics.

Both features are beneficial for a player.

The first feature: autoplay

Aviator slot machines have a very useful feature — autoplay. Some beginners don’t understand how important it is, but it really is. Some virtual casino visitors can’t boast of a stable Internet connection. It means that the connection failure may occur at the moment when a player places a bet on the official website of a casino. In this case, if a player fails to come back to play before a round is over, they lose their money. If the autoplay feature is turned on, the algorithm will do everything timely and a player won’t lose money.

automatic mode

This feature also makes playing Aviator easier. The point is that you need certain skills to coordinate your eyes and hands properly and to watch the plane all the time. It’s not easy to develop them within a short period of time, that’s why autoplay or autobet feature is a great option for beginners to win playing the best gambling game — Aviator.

The second feature: statistics

If you play Aviator for money, statistics is one more important feature. Many experienced visitors of virtual casinos benefit from it. It accumulates information about all bets you placed, the odds and the amount bet. Statistics depend on Aviator’s algorithm because of the random number generator the game is based on.

The benefits Statistics provide you with

Statistics section which you can find on the right of player space of Aviator online casino game lets you study and calculate the possibility of winning when you play Aviator slot machine. This feature will help you to develop and check your own winning strategy.

How to bet when you play Aviator

Before you bet real money when playing Aviator, learn about the basic betting rules. To be on the safe side, you can place two bets at the same time. To do so, use the two boards at the bottom of Aviator online casino game player space. To place a bet, specify the amount of money you’d like to bet and press a yellow button. This game features real-time betting. Interesting options attract new players to the websites of the casinos where you can play this game.

The board allows to place two bets

One more thing is that the players can place two bets at the same time. This is one of the special features of Aviator game. Both boards for placing bets look the same and they are located in the center of the bottom part of player space. In Aviator online casino game, the board has several buttons: the ones used to place a bet and get the winnings (you can specify the sum here), the one allowing to turn on autolay and a big yellow “place a bet” button.

Your bet is multiplied by the multiplier at which you stopped the game

The final winning amount in Aviator online game is quite easy to calculate — multiply the initial bet amount by the odds at which a user stopped the plane. The process is simple, that’s why the game is fair: everything depends on random number generator.

game coefficient

How to get a handicap in Aviator crash game

To get a handicap when you play Aviator slot, use reliable recommendations of experienced players who became winners many times. These recommendations are perfect for beginners who have never placed bets in Aviator game yet. They will be able to win and even win big after they understand how things work.

Get welcome bonuses

Never neglect the welcome bonuses available on the website of any virtual casino after registration. They are kind of a launching pad for beginners who want to try to play Aviator online game for money.

The secret of Aviator game is that you should use all bonuses offered by the casino after registration. All new clients receive 250 free spins and 100% of the deposit amount. Many players leave positive reviews on this promo offer.

Use alternative promo offers

A welcome bonus isn’t the only promo offer in many casinos. They run more promo offers for gambling games including Aviator slot. Promo offers are ran for all games available on the platform, including Aviator.

casino bonuses

Birthday GiftWhen you sign up, you provide your birth date. On this day, you receive an extra bonus from a casino. You can use this bonus to play slot machines, including Aviator online game.
Weekly CashbackPlayers receive cashback weekly, no matter what slot machine they played: it may be Aviator slot as well.
All Win LotterySome slot machines, for example, Aviator slot offer raffle tickets. Casinos give good prizes.
Wednesday Free Spins quizPlayers answer quiz questions and win free spins for different slot machines. 

Read the reviews

All players are recommended to check reviews on Aviator slot before playing a game. Real players tell about their experience, secret strategies allowing to win big and aspects of funds withdrawal. Beginners shouldn’t neglect this recommendation. Be sure to read reviews on Aviator slot machine on the website of a virtual casino. You can find legit reviews in honest overviews of Aviator game.

Use a thought-out strategy

You shouldn’t play recklessly relying on your good luck, no matter what gambling game you play. Use winning techniques. Experienced players know Aviator online game very well, that’s why they can share some tricks allowing to win. They know well how the game’s algorithm that determines if you win or lose works. Today, you can choose from a variety of strategies that will help you to succeed when playing Aviator.

Following the recommendations of experienced players is a good idea. When you play the game, think clearly, don’t get too excited, otherwise, you can lose all your funds. Follow your strategy carefully: you can lose even if you ignore just one point.

Use a demo version for training

Aviator slot machines have a demo version for beginners. This mode allows you to play for free and without signing up. Thus, you can learn more about Aviator’s algorithm and tricks. To use a demo version, open the casino’s website, don’t sign in, select Aviator game. You’ll see the interface of the demo version of Aviator. Have a look at the betting board. When you play a demo version of Aviator, you don’t have to replenish your account balance. Read the rules and the basic information about the slot machine. Experienced players can play demo version of Aviator, too: it helps them to create a winning strategy to play for money.

Basic winning strategies for Aviator game

Experienced players tried demo version of Aviator to share winning tricks for free. This information will be very useful for beginners who don’t know how to play Aviator in the real time or demo mode yet. To find these strategies, search for the websites where players share knowledge. Use a demo version of Aviator to try out any strategy. This crash game can boast of a high RTP, that’s why it’s easy to win a lot of money.

play for free

The best budget strategy for Aviator

There’re several budget strategies for Aviator game that deserve to be recognized as the best ones. One of these algorithms is simple and profitable at the same time. To benefit from this strategy, use a specific option of Aviator game — Statistics. Open the statistics section and find the bet placed by another player with x100 odds. 60 minutes must pass from that moment — this is a very important aspect, don’t neglect it. When 60 minutes pass, place two bets with x35-40 odds, then, place one more bet with    х100 bet. This is the best strategy, it always works out.

Small odds strategy

This is one more popular strategy considered to be the best one for many slot machines including Aviator. This algorithm is good for average budget and it brings good profit. The strategy is quite simple, so, even a beginner Aviator player can master it. First, wait until odds reach x1, don’t place any bets. Then, wait until odds reach x1.10 and place a bet. 15 minutes later, do the same.

Average odds strategy

This is one more strategy with moderate risks: thanks to it, a casino player loses only little money. This is the best strategy for many players. Wait until the odds reach x2-3. It’s 40% likely that the desired level will be reached. In some cases, you may try to wait for higher odds if the odds didn’t increase to reach a really high level for a long time. Riskin isn’t a bad thing, the main thing is to stop the game timely until the plane leaves the player space.

Martingale strategy

This is one of the best strategies suitable for most gambling games including Aviator. All players should learn about it to win big. The idea is that a casino player must increase bet size until they win back the losses and make profit: winning a big sum allows to cover all loses and get extra profit that a player can withdraw from Aviator game to their account or a bank card, for example.

double the bid

Two bet strategy for Aviator game

What makes Aviator game special is that a user can place two bets at the same time, thus increasing their chances to win. This help to expand the potential of the game and choose from a wider variety of winning strategies. At the same time, placing two bets during a single round allows to enjoy high odds — higher than x100. This is a profitable and lucrative offer for all Aviator players. It makes sense to figure out when it’s time to risk and place two bets.

You should place two bets at the same time when you see that there were no cases of high odds in Aviator game over the last 60 minutes. Otherwise, your chances to win are very low and you’re very likely to lose.


Beginner players often have questions when playing Aviator game and it may be hard to find answers to some of them on the Internet. Here, you can see answers to all questions: they are collected in the same place for your convenience. Be sure to read them before playing Aviator slot machine. This will help you to avoid any misunderstanding and unpleasant situations in the future.

Why the number on the screen grows quickly when the plane is in the air

Aviator slot machine shows a bright red plane on the black player space. When the plane moves, the number on the screen increases. This number is the odds or a multiplier. If a player wins, bet sum is multiplied by this number. The winning is transferred to their balance. You can withdraw your winnings to your wallet or bank card. The odds change all the time, that’s why the number on the screen changes. The main thing is to stop the plane timely.

Why you should watch the plane flying

Some beginner users ask why you should watch the plane flying when you play Aviator. The answer is that the game works in this way — you should understand how it works.  You place a bet. Then, the plane on the screen takes off. The odds change all the time. You need to take money away timely until the plane is gone. You can’t do so if you get distracted and don’t watch the plane. Some players set up autoplay mode to avoid watching the plane carefully.

flight path

Why the plane has a red logo in Aviator game

Why do you see a red plane on the screen of Aviator slot machine? This is a distinctive feature of the gambling game, the idea of its designers. A red plane is easy to spot on the black screen, that’s why it’s easier for players to watch it during a round.

How to withdraw funds from Aviator

When you play in a virtual casino, you can both lose and win funds. If you win, you will want to know how to take your funds away from the game. It’s easy: the winnings are transferred to your balance and then you withdraw them with the help of a payment system.

What to do if a crash game is unavailable

If you can’t launch the game on the website of a virtual gambling company, ask the support team or download Aviator game to your device. If you decide to contact the support team, open an online chat, describe the problem and wait for an answer. If you decide to download Aviator, you won’t have to worry about access issues anymore. If the game becomes unavailable during a round after you have placed a bet, you have to come back timely after the game is reloaded, but turning on autoplay option would be a better choice.

How long a round lasts

On average, a round lasts from 8 to 30 seconds — for a slot machine, it’s a short enough round. This helps casino visitors to place bets more often and win more.

Minimum bet size in Aviator game

Before you start playing or download Aviator to a device, find out how to place bets and what the minimum bet size is. To place a bet, you have to specify the bet sum on the board and start the round. Then, you have to take your funds away at a proper moment — while the plane is still there. Minimum bet size is 8 rupees.

Maximum bet size in Aviator game

Experienced casino players prefer to place high bets, that’s why they need to know the maximum bet size. Those who play this slot machine can place two bets at the same time, but the bet size for each of them can’t exceed 7 999,36 rupees.

maximum bid

The highest and the lowest odds in the game

Also, it’d be good for players to know about the highest and the lowest odds. This information will help them to decide on the expected winning sum and their chances. The lowest odds — x1. The highest odds — x200.

Aviator is a modern new generation gambling game. This is a popular slot machine, that’s why it’s available on most gambling platforms. It has a user-friendly interface and simple game rules. Even beginners can start winning money quickly. The gameplay is fair: bet size is multiplied by the odds at which a player manages to stop the game. Odds depend on random number generator. The game is unhackable, thus, it’s safe and reliable. Casinos allow to use bonus offers to the fullest to maximize your winnings.